General Question on Battalia MMA NFTs

What is The Battalia MMA NFT project?

In Battalia MMA, you will find over 680+ pieces of mixed martial arts-inspired art, including pictures for pictures (P$P) and artwork depicting MMA fight scenes, key victories, and the agony of defeat.

What Crypto blockchain is Battalia MMA on?

Battalia MMA is on the Ethereum Blockchain via Openseas. 

What is the price for each NFT?

Price will determine at launch and is based on how much ETH costs on/or around the release date.

How are each Battalia NFTs created?

As the artist, I use 2D and 3D graphic design software to create each NFT that makes up the Battalia MMA collection. Each NFT in the collection is a unique handcrafted asset.

What are the utilities behind Battalia MMA?

A one-month subscription to our cold press beverages and herbal energy drinks will be offered to first-time buyers of Battalia MMA. Our awesome Battalia MMA t-shirt will also be included.

Moreover, a portion of quarterly sales will be donated to our community outreach health and wellness projects. In connection with our health initiative, we are donating our line of cold press and herbal energy drinks.

How can I contact the Battalia MMA team?

If you want to engage, I am available. You can reach me via various channels, whether it’s for collaboration, our project, or just to say hello. Please see our contact page for our Instagram, Discord, and Twitter handles or fill out the provided submission form.

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